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M.A. in Journalism



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Darren Sanefski

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Debora Wenger

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Kevin J. Seddon

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While Journalism 273: Creative Visual Thinking is a requirement for all undergraduate students majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications and some students majoring in Journalism, there are students who end up graduating from the University of Mississippi with a desire for more knowledge of graphic design. Feedback from current students in the School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi as well as alumni of the program was gathered in two surveys to understand better how Journalism 273 benefits them and pinpoints opportunities for improvement. One hundred nineteen students who took Journalism 273 and were enrolled in the School of Journalism and New Media for the spring 2022 semester were surveyed. An additional 119 alumni of the School of Journalism and New Media who took Journalism 273 and who graduated within the last five years were surveyed. The research asked the following questions: What projects in the class are the most favored? Based on experiences within Journalism 273, will current students take more classes related to graphic design? Did alumni take other classes besides this specific course? and after graduation, what applications are alumni using? Findings indicate that learning how to use Adobe software and mastering the applications are the most important to current and former students. Alumni indicated a need for the class to offer more about marketing and branding design as well as designing for social media.


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