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M.A. in Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology

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Carolyn Freiwald

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Maureen Meyers

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Tony Boudreaux

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A key part of understanding Maya bone tool production is studying the rare assemblages containing bone tools and bone tool debitage. The Late Classic J-2 assemblage is a distinct composition of lithic, charcoal, human and animal bone at the site of Ucanal, Guatemala. The number of sites with high concentrations of fauna remains are well, and sites with high concentrations of worked bone is even rarer. This thesis is an analysis of the worked and unworked faunal elements excavated in 2019 from Operation 1B of the J-2 assemblage. The primary purpose of this thesis is to further understand Maya bone tool production and potential standardization through consistent utilization of raw material, crafting techniques, and application of Dr. Emery’s five stage reduction hierarchy. The secondary focus of this thesis seeks to provide, when possible, insight into the social identity of the J-2 Maya craft producers.



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