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Stephan Adair

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

M.A. in Psychology

First Advisor

Matthew Reysen

Second Advisor

Carol Gohm

Third Advisor

Nick Prins


University of Mississippi

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A recent study found that participants were more likely to recall words that were processed socially than when processed in other ways (Reysen & Adair, 2008). Using a similar methodology, the goal was to extend those observations. Specifically, two experiments examined the effect of social processing on participants’ ability to both recognize and reconstruct the order of list items. Participants were asked to remember a list of words with help either from a computer or, purportedly, another participant. It was hypothesized participants would be more likely to recognize list items and better at reconstructing the order of list items, if they believed the items originated from a social versus a nonsocial source, although the hypotheses were not supported.



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