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King of the Hill's Souphanousiphones, the New Model Minority, and the Subversive Model Minority


Robert Reece

Date of Award


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M.A. in Sociology

First Advisor

Zandria Robinson

Second Advisor

Kirk Johnson

Third Advisor

Jeffery Jackson


Though the term "model minority" was only coined in the 1960s to apply to Asian-Americans, in the white imagination, a "model" way to be a minority has always existed. This model has gone through various iterations from the "happy" blacks of the antebellum years to supposedly over-achieving Asian-Americans of the 1960s. I argue that we are witnessing the emergence of a new model minority that includes not only Asian-Americans but other high-achieving minorities as well. This model minority is characterized by economic success, formal education, American values, and conservative racial politics or a complete silence about race. Because an inability to speak up about racial injustice is a dangerous prerequisite for success, I seek to explore ways to subvert this crucial characteristic of the model minority. I use King of the Hill's Souphanousiphones to demonstrate this "subversive model minority" and its consequences.

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