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On a Good Day, You Get to Kill a Whore: Narrative Misogyny and Female Audiences in Supernatural

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M.A. in Sociology

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Minjoo Oh

Second Advisor

Ross Haenfler

Third Advisor

Kirsten Dellinger


In this paper, I attempt to analyze the function of gender messages in media texts and the engagement of audiences with these messages. I adopt an interdisciplinary approach, applying theoretical and methodological concepts from both film studies and audience studies, in order to develop a new model through which to study media texts and fans. I apply this model to an analysis of female characters in the television program Supernatural and to self-identified female fans of Supernatural. Throughout the paper, I contend that such an interdisciplinary model is necessary for understanding media texts and audiences, and I conclude that media fans act as academics in their reading and interpretation of media texts.

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