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Ed.D. in Education

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Whitney Webb

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Ryan Niemeyer

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Kerry B. Melear


University of Mississippi

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The nursing profession has been facing a deficit of nurses for many years (Denehy, 2000; Haddad et al., 2023, Mayo, 1944; Schorr, 1980; Theisen & Pelfrey, 1990). Nurses are an essential part of the medical care system. They are responsible for most of the functions associated with healthcare. The schools that train nurses are as much affected by the shortage as the industry itself. With fewer nurses in the medical field from which to draw, nursing schools have had a difficult time maintaining nursing faculty levels to meet the needs of the medical community. With nursing faculty shortages already straining a depleted system, voluntary turnover among nursing faculty exacerbates the situation. The reasons given by nursing faculty for voluntarily leaving the classroom varies. The current dissertation project reviews a substantial portion of the literature related to this subject. The practical application of a robust program of recruitment and retention at the local level will be enacted to reduce turnover among nursing faculty.


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