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M.M. in Music

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John Latartara

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Ricky Burkhead

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Michael Gardiner


University of Mississippi

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This master's thesis presents a comparative analysis of the African American spiritual "Since I Laid My Burden Down." Through the use of various sources, including scholarly articles, books, and recordings, the origins, themes, and musical structures of the spiritual are explored. The study examines the historical context of African American spirituals and the importance of the call-and-response style, as well as the influence of gospel and blues music. The thesis also analyzes the performances of the song by Triumph The Church & Kingdom of God in Christ (2022), Mrs. Ulanda Crivens (2023), Shardé Thomas (2017), Othar Tuner (1982), Mississippi John Hurt (1966) and Tina Turner (1974), exploring their interpretations and the ways in which they convey the message of the spiritual. By examining the various aspects of the spiritual and its performance, this thesis seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the significance and meaning within the context of African American musical heritage. There are no in-depth analyses of the many different renditions of the standard hymn. The analyses will consider rhythm, melody, harmony, instrumentation, and form in addition to the geographical and biographical aspects. The music transcribed and analyzed in this study is limited to select recordings taken from various performers in Central and North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee, contrasting styles from traditional church settings and secular settings.



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