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M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

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Kimberly Hartman

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James Payne

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Sidney Rowland

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Corporal punishment is a heated topic, especially in Mississippi. The use of corporal punishment is deeply rooted in culture and religion for many. Many people feel that it is an acceptable method of disciplining children at home and in school although research has disproved this idea. In many families in the south, corporal punishment has been a trusted type of discipline for children for generations. With such a volatile subject matter, where culture and religion clash with reliable scientific research, what are the opinions of the teachers entering the field regarding this topic? Current research provides little insight into the opinions of education students regarding the use of corporal punishment. This study is designed to examine the opinions of Teach Mississippi Institute (TMI) students (students involved in an alternate teacher certification program in Mississippi) regarding the use, effectiveness, and appropriateness of corporal punishment. There is a definite gap in research regarding this topic. There is little to no research regarding the opinions of students in an alternate route to teacher certification about corporal punishment. This particular study will affect students, veteran teachers, new teachers, alternate route programs, principals, parents, teachers, students, administrators, alternate route faculty & instructors and anyone thinking of creating a new teacher licensure program. The results of the study prove that the majority of TMI II participants are in favor of the use of corporal punishment at school and believe that it is an effective practice to diminish unwanted behavior. TMI students are in favor of this practice despite the research that they were provided by TMI instructors that denounce the practice.

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