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M.A. in Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology

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Maureen Meyers

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Tony Boudreaux

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Robbie Ethridge

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Chiefdoms located on the frontier of the Mississippian world have not been examined in great detail, yet they have the potential to provide evidence for the emergence of hierarchy and the interaction of hierarchical and egalitarian societies. Frontiers can help identify the emergence and maintenance of power in southeastern chiefdoms. Carter Robinson (44le10) is a frontier site that can help understand the degree of interaction between hierarchical and non-hierarchical groups nearby. This thesis will analyze the ceramics at structure 6 based on the 2015 excavation at Carter Robinson located in Lee County, Virginia. The use of attribute and morphological analyses are used to understand occupation time of activities within the structure. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze ceramics from structure 6 at the site to date the structure, identify its function, and its degree of interaction with other households, such as intermarriage at the site and non-Mississippian populations living nearby.



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