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Ph.D. in Business Administration


Management Information Systems

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Brian J. Reithel

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Douglas W. Vorhies

Third Advisor

Tony Ammeter

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Mobile computing devices have gained popularity in organizations. Various companies, government agencies, and academic institutions have seen a dramatic increase in employees' adoption of personal mobile devices. Current research has not provided clear explanations about the motivations behind employees' mobile device adoption behavior and the factors affecting these behaviors. This paper proposes using a new perspective, an information-processing based view, to better understand this new trend. The newly developed measurement instrument, named as Information-Processing Support Index (IPSI), captures an employee's perceptions about the capabilities of mobile devices to support his/her work-related information-processing needs. An exploratory model using IPSI and other constructs to explain an employee's mobile computing device adoption intention is also explored. Overall, the IPSI instrument demonstrated acceptable levels of reliability, convergent validity, and discriminant validity. Based on empirical data collected from faculty and staff members in one large public university in China, after controlling for commethod variance, this study found some support for four of five hypotheses, linking IPSI to an employee's mobile-computing-device-adoption intentions.


Emphasis: MIS



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