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Ph.D. in Counselor Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Tabitha Young-Gast

Second Advisor

Lori A. Wolff

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Amanda Winburn

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This study explored the impact that immigration-related trauma has upon families, particularly second-generation immigrant children in the Latino-American community in the United States, and the possibility that second-generation immigrant Latinos are vulnerable to transgenerational trauma. Transgenerational trauma involves the exhibition of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in subsequent generations in families with histories of trauma exposure. Multiple linear regression was conducted to explore the existence of a correlation between PTSD and depression in second-generation Latino immigrant children and adolescents with a myriad of potentially predicting factors. Enhanced understanding of how trauma can affect the children of traumatized immigrants will add another dimension to treatment options at the disposal of mental health professional working with this population in the United States.


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