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M.C.J. in Criminal Justice


Legal Studies

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Linda Keena

Second Advisor

Stephen Mallory

Third Advisor

Eric Lambert

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Extensive research has been conducted in correctional settings on the effects that therapeutic programs that utilize cognitive-behavioral therapies have on recidivism rates and cognitive-behavioral changes among inmates. Research on anger management programs in correctional settings has shown that there are measurable effects on the anger levels of participants based on quantitative pre-testing and post-testing. The present study sought to build on this research in a unique way by conducting qualitative research to examine the personal perceptions of inmates that have graduated from a therapeutic program in a maximum security prison. The study focused on participants’ perceived changes in how they understand and express anger. The data for the study was collected through face to face interviews. The interviews were transcribed using a semi-strict verbatim style. A content analysis of these transcripts was conducted and themes were identified. The findings indicate that the anger management course helped participants to recognize their anger, process their emotions, and taught them coping skills to assist them in making constructive responses to their anger.



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