Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Ed.D. in Education


Teacher Education

First Advisor

Joel Amidon

Second Advisor

Lori Wolff

Third Advisor

Smith Karen Davidson


The problem under investigation for this quantitative study focused on the responses of K-12 public educators about school leadership effectiveness and fairness and the culture of school organizations, with special attention to the relationship between working conditions and student achievement/growth. A sample of 5,912 (n=5,912) educators’ responses was used for the study. The data collected were publicly available, archival data from the responses reported by the Teaching Empowering Leading Learning Tennessee Survey. The original survey consists of the following eight research-based constructs: time for planning, facilities and resources, community support and involvement, management of student conduct, teacher leadership, school leadership, professional development, and instructional practices and support. This quantitative study focused on six sub-categories: time, consistency, teacher support, respect and rust, fair and objective teacher assessment and an overall perception of the school being a good environment in which to teach and learn. Data collected was analyzed through use of two-way chi square analysis.



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