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Ph.D. in Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

First Advisor

Douglas R. Davis

Second Advisor

Cecil Weeks

Third Advisor

Joe Blackbourn


This quantitative study analyzed the construct validity of the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System through an analysis of the relationship between teacher, financial, socio-economic, and social characteristics and the Quality of distribution index of public school districts in Mississippi. This study sought to determine if there were constructs outside the control of schools and districts that significantly correlated to outcomes of the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System that were not accounted for in the calculations. Educational leaders, communities, and other educational stakeholders have paid close attention to the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System as legislators have chosen to use it to rank schools and districts from A-F. The major component of the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System is the Quality of Distribution Index which is based on student test scores. This research used the Quality of Distribution Index results from 148 public school districts from SY 2011-2012 as the dependent variable. Data was collected from reputable sources from SY 2011-2012 for twelve independent variables, not in control of school personnel that were a part of all school districts. Correlations were determined using a Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and a Coefficient of Determination at the .01 level (two tailed) of significance. The research findings indicated a significant correlation between Quality of distribution index and eleven of the twelve constructs and thus: The Mississippi Statewide Accountability System has issues with construct validity.


Emphasis: Education Leadership (K-12)



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