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M.F.A. in Art


Art and Art History

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Matt Long

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The nut, bolt, and thread are symbols of order in my work. They represent a memory trace of my time growing up in Iowa and my connection to working on the family farm. These objects have the potential to exhibit elements of both simplicity and complexity, expressed through patterns and harmony, and the repetition of form, line, color, space, presentation, and ultimately, their relation to you the viewer. With this body of work, I intend to create metaphors relating to connections people have to one another, as individuals, society and ultimately as a reflection of self. The act of grouping, organizing, and thinking in linear perspectives is forever present, and permeates nearly every action whether it is my intention or not. This work explores the need of order, in particular when it alludes to an impulsive action. The function of the multiple is used to establish linear patterns and rhythms, referencing ones need to create understanding and meaning in daily life. These nuts and bolts become symbols of stability and strength, pointing directly at our lack of control. Similarly to our own lives, my work represents both the anticipated and chaotic nature of reality. I have found that for success to be present failure is immanent and without chaos, order cannot exist. This is revealed once we remove ourselves from our preconceived notions of what we hope to see, allowing us to discover a new understanding of success and/or failure.


Emphasis: Ceramics

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Ceramic Arts Commons



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