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Ph.D. in Higher Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Kerry B. Melear

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Karen K. Kellum

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John Holleman

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A sample of 130 students from a mid-sized research university in the southern United States were asked questions about their note-taking practices, particularly about the percentage of classes in which they had taken notes on a laptop for both the previous semester and for their entire undergraduate career. Note-taking method was then entered as an independent variable along with composite ACT score and each students' score on the Self Regulation Survey (SRS) (Schwarzer, Diehl, & Schmitz, 1999) into a multiple regression analysis to determine the extent to which there is a relationship between note-taking method and grade point average. No significant relationship was found between note-taking method and grade point average for either the fall 2016 semester or for students' overall grade point average. While there is a relationship between composite ACT score and grade point average, no relationship was found between students' scores on the Self Regulation Survey and grade point average. Although not a focus of the study, the researcher did find a significant relationship between composite ACT score and note taking method. This relationship merits additional research.



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