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M.A. in Journalism

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Bradley Schultz

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Robert Magee

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Joseph B. Atkins

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This is a qualitative thesis with in-depth interviews with three children and one parent or caretaker of Hispanic descent. These interviews were conducted to find a connection between media use and cultural identity. By doing a qualitative project the researcher was able to do a video documentary with a written portion explaining the methods and findings. The researcher interviethree students with at least one parent or primary caretaker of Hispanic descent seventh through twelfth grade child, who serves as the main child for the study. This research investigated the relationship between the media and cultural identity among Hispanic children in the state of Mississippi. The issue is if the media send negative representations of Hispanics. This study focused on the representations of Mexican-Americans living in Mississippi and how they perceive that representation. These types of media messages about Hispanics can significantly impact cultural identity. The key concept of bicultural bilingual was explored and how it affects the media view of Hispanics. The study was conducted to find out if there was any relationship between media and cultural identity in Hispanic families in Mississippi. The results suggested that the subjects in the study are bicultural bilingual, they relate more with their Hispanic side but at the same time the kids do not want to fit the stereotype that the media has depicted about Mexicans.


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