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Ph.D. in Mathematics



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Erwin Mina Diaz

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Cecille Labuda

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Qingying Bu

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We investigate the asymptotic behavior of polynomials orthogonal over a symmetric arc of the unit circle with respect to a generalized Jacobi-type weight. Full asymptotic expansions for the orthogonal polynomials are obtained at every point of the complex plane. Our method of proof is based on a characterization of the orthogonal polynomials as solutions of a 2X2 matrix Riemann-Hilbert problem, which extends to the unit circle the original Riemann-Hilbert characterization for orthogonal polynomials on the real line, first discovered by Fokas, Its, and Kitaev. In order to extricate the behavior of the polynomials from its Riemann-Hilbert matrix representation, we follow the steepest descent method of matrix transformations developed by Deift and Zhou.

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