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M.S. in Physics


Physics and Astronomy

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Alakabha Datta

Second Advisor

Lucien M. Cremaldi

Third Advisor

Luca Bombelli

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Heavy quark decays provide a very advantageous investigation to test the Standard Model (SM). Recently, promising experiments with b quark, as well as the analysis of the huge data sets produced at the B factories, have led to an increasing study and sensitive measurements of relative b quark decays. In this thesis, I calculate various observables in the semi-leptonic decay process Λb → Λ cτν[special character omitted]τ both in the SM and in the presence of New Physics (NP) operators with different Lorentz structures. The results are relevant for the coming measurement of this semi-leptonic decay at LHC b experiment in CERN, and also provide theoretical predictions to refine the physics beyond the SM.

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