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M.A. in Psychology



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Kelly G. Wilson

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Michael Allen

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Karen K. Kellum

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Comfactors research indicates that there is a positive relationship between therapeutic relationship and improved client outcomes. However, little research has been done to examine the nature of this relationship. The current study examined the relationship between mindfulness, values, and working alliance. Participants were 59 undergraduate students who were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: mindfulness plus values, mindfulness, or control. Depending on condition, participants engaged in a mindfulness plus values exercise, a mindfulness exercise, or a wait control. All participants then engaged in a conversation with the experimenter regarding a recent disagreement. Mindfulness and values connectedness were assessed pre-intervention, post-intervention, and post-conversation. Working alliance was assessed post-conversation. Values connectedness increased in the mindfulness plus values condition. There were no statistically significant differences among conditions on ratings of mindfulness and working alliance. Future research in the areas of mindfulness, values, and working alliance is discussed.


Emphasis: Clinical Psychology



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