Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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M.S. in Engineering Science


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Matthew A. Morrison

Second Advisor

Richard K. Gordon

Third Advisor

Paul M. Goggans

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Abstract: circuit design and testing are two essential processes to synthesis of an efficient and reliable circuit. Real-time testing of a circuit through circuit fabrication and development is an expensive and a risky procedure whereas testing the circuit by modelling and simulating is more efficient and inexpensive. Silicon-based semiconductors are the basic components of any modern day electronic devices, and their usage has dominated the marketplace. But these conventional cmos devices cannot exist in an environment consisting of harsh radiation, high temperature and many other environmental conditions, such as venus or mars. However, 6h-sic jfets, which are basic logic gate integrated circuits, have significantly potential for persistent operation in these environmental conditions. On the basis of the temperature effects of 6h-sic jfet's compared to conventional cmos jfet's, we choose to develop the framework for a computer aided design of silicon carbide jfet circuits in beyond low earth orbit (bleo) environments. Our framework will help test the modern and emerging nanotechnologies for the temperature dependence of sic electronics and sensors in harsh environments. Framework along with the integrated circuit design and the simulations for the sic electronic circuit are the desired results for this project.


Emphasis: Electrical Engineering



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