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Sex Differences in Steroidogenic Response to Cerebellar Injury

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M.S. in Biological Science

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A substantial body of work exists that supports the role of estrogen in prevention of cell death, reorganization of neural connections, and the birth of new cells after neural injury in both mammals and birds. However, my lab is currently the only lab making the connection between protection and repair at the cellular level and behavioral outcomes. This work is vital as any potential treatment for brain damage must be capable of restoring functionality at the level of behavior and thus lead to measurably improved outcomes in patients’ lives. In addition, there is much to be learned about the role of the avian cerebellum in cognitive processes despite the fact that, like mammals, birds possess anatomical connectivity between the cerebellum and the cortical areas known to be involved in cognition. Therefore, by examining the effects of cerebellar damage on cognitive function, my work will also add valuable data to the field of avian neurobiology.

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