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Development of Lysozyme loaded dissolving microneedles for the treatment of Acne Vulgaris

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Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disorder caused by propionibacterium acnes(P. acnes). According to the global burden of disease study, acne affects approximately 85% of adults aged between 12-25 years. Most of the anti-acne products present in market act topically applied on skin and prevent in the killing of bacterium effectively due to poor penetration of active molecules across epidermal barrier into the dermis, as reported by Zhang et al. Lysozyme are naturally occurring enzymes (14kDa) having antibacterial activity. Micro needles have over the decades been explored to target dermis as a potential means to provide immediate relief to patients. It can be prepared using biodegradable polymer to provide safe and effective means of delivery to target site with in the dermis, making it an ideal delivery system to target acne vulgaris in the dermis. It could be engineered and fabricated to encapsulate and enable a bolus or a sustained release on insertion into the skin for effective treatment of acne vulgaris. This condition impacts the patient physiologically and psychologically. It is caused by numerous factors such as genetics, hormones, bacterial infections as well as environmental factors. Acne is produced by a blockage in the pilosebaceous unit in the skin which induces excessive proliferation of bacterium. One of the major goals in the treatment of acne is to suppress the bacterial growth. Although various treatment options are available and are still being explored, they have limited efficacy. The available therapies do not show effective antibacterial activity due to poor penetrations. Though various topical formulations are available that are being used to combat acne vulgaris, alternative formulations are needed having both excellent therapeutic efficacies along with negligible side effects. Microneedles are a noninvasive technique suitable for the skin increasing the skin permeability and deliver a therapeutic agent across epidermal barrier. Lysozyme is a naturally available enzyme found in bodily secretions such as tears, milk and saliva and is also considered a part of the innate immunity in most mammals. The lysozyme degrades peptidoglycans present in the bacterial cell wall leading to cell death. Although lysozyme is not a typically used agent for acne, it is a safe adjunct to antifungals, and it could be used to improve acne treatment due to its antibactericidal effects. Microneedles have the capability and the advantage of encapsulation drug (lysozyme) within a polymeric matrix using fabrication procedures that do not alter the protein integrity, enable a bolus or a sustained release and work as a delivery device that is suitable for self-administration without the need of medical training leaving behind no sharps or biohazardous waste.

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