Transfers from 8mm Film


Gary family film: reel 3. Sea Fun, USS Biloxi; Trip Home; Jane College; Nana, John at WPK; G'wood AAF; Mahila; Saipan; Pasadena; Roswell, NM; Wildwood Montgomery


Gary Family




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Young man on small boat behind larger boat, young women and older man on rear of larger boat; shot from aboard smaller boat of back of large boat, older man, young woman with fishing pole, woman with fishing pole, and young woman, Sea Fun Bremerton on back of boat; man in uniform with younger woman and group of people at navy yard, men smoking cigarettes; man displaying large U.S.S. Biloxi plaque, men in uniform standing near plaque; shots of the U.S.S. Biloxi; footage from moving car, cottages sign, flowers, large trees; older man posing next to California State Line U.S. 101 sign, automobile on side of the road, young woman next to sign, woman next to State Boundary Entering Oregon, Oregon U.S. 101 sign, large hill, trees, and flowers in the background; young woman standing in driver's seat of automobile; panning shot of large tree in forest; shots of large cliff and ocean; shot of ocean from sea level; panning shot of large tree; dark footage of forest; The Founder's Tree World's Tallest Known Tree Height 364 Ft. Follow Trail 300 Feet to Tree sign; footage from inside moving car of large trees in forest; traffic, hills, Golden Gate Bridge in background; driving toward Golden Gate Bridge; view from Golden Gate Bridge, top of Palace of Fine Arts building; edgewave and blurriness, panning shot of cityscape; driving on Golden Gate Bridge, No Stopping sign on bridge; shots of Hoover Dam, edgewave; young women posing in front of It is fitting that the flag of our country should fly here memorial, older man and young woman in front of memorial; edgewave, Entering Grand Canyon National Park sign; edgewave, panning shots of Grand Canyon; edgewave, shots of women playing baseball, shaky camera, shots of pitcher, woman running bases, shots of balls being pitched at camera, shots of batters, large crowd of women watching game; shots of women in different colored dresses doing performance outdoors; young women hanging out next to automobile; young women sitting in front of automobile with their jeans rolled up; young women in automobile, driving off, and waving to camera; edgewave, panning shot of large building, trees and telephone poles; black and white footage, very bad edgewave and warped film, women hanging out in small room; edgewave, scenes from young women graduation, graduates posing for camera, graduating students walking together, dark footage of graduates; students, friends and family gathered; shots of college campus, women in white dresses sitting on lawn of campus, women approaching automobile; woman walking in garden toward camera; large turkey in yard walking behind dog; women feeding turkey and chickens in yard; shot of front of large house; shot of dirt road at entrance to house; edgewave, columns on house; edgewave, front of house; edgewave, woman in yard posing for camera; edgewave and warpage, woman and man in uniform in yard posing for camera; edgewave, cityscape, buildings that are falling apart, military vehicles, people walking the street, billboard in background; mule pulling wagon, people on busy street; edgewave and warpage, sailors crossing the street, military man guiding traffic, blurriness; edgewave, busy sidewalk, sailors, Fong's Kitchen sign, automobiles, shots of traffic; edgewave, shots of buildings, traffic, and people in street; edgewave shot of landscape, palm tree, hills; edgewave, low shot of tall grass and cement walls; edgewave, shot of landscape, plants; American memorial, large American flag, hundreds of tiny white crosses, hills in the background; panning shots of ruins; edgewave; shots of older man in uniform standing in ruins, blurriness; shot of cliffs and ocean, edge wave and blurriness, men standing and walking near edge of cliff; edgewave, sunset over landscape, tall grass blowing in wind; bad edgewave and warpage, woman and child in yard; blank film; edgewave and blurriness, shots of flowers out of focus; edgewave and blurriness, children playing in yard, woman joins them in yard, the three of them posing for camera, young boy with swimming float in yard; young girl approaches camera; young girl standing in front of flowers posing for camera

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Amateur films; Families; Cruisers (Warships); Vacations

Relational Format

video recording



Original Format

8mm (photographic film size)

Original Collection

Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries.


In Copyright;


B-wind color and B+W reversal. Possible 1942, 43 and 44 Kodak date codes. Vinegar smell. Very shrunken. Spoking, buckling, edgewave. Strong curl toward base. Warpage causes inconsistent focus in scan. B+W section is extremely curled. Occasional perforation damage. Long section in last third of reel could not be digitized due to extreme warpage and brittleness. 18 FPS.

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