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Thomas family film: reel 1. School Play, Lake Cormrant (1957); Building House, Robot, Delta Center (1956-1957); Delta Center, 1st Year (1956-1957); Cotton Choppers (1956-1957); Chicken House, Christmas at Store (1959)


Thomas Family



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Cynosure Visuals and Heavy Light logos and address appear; The Southern Media Archive title card pops up multiple times back-to-back; [Thomas Collection 1956-1959] title card; dark footage of scenes of children of different ages performing on stage, acting, singing, dancing; leader; boy demonstrating how to use robot that looks like the Tin Man at Mid South Fair at Memphis State, sign that says Gismo behind robot, large group of white children posing with robot for camera; dark footage of robots eyes flashing in the dark; three black children posing with robot for camera; person standing in the street with house and shed behind him; panning shot of construction site for house; panning shots of houses and construction on 2nd Street; shots of houses, construction, and trucks; panning shot of house under construction, young white boy wearing a suit and sitting on stack of wood; panning shot of houses; men working on roof of house under construction; large group of African American youths and families circling in parking lot for event, American flag, school buses in the background; African American high school girls performing with batons, women in crowd carrying umbrellas; shot of house nearly completed but still under construction, cement truck pouring into garage; dark footage of three girls wearing dresses posing in front of storefront, Thomas Grocery and Gulf Station, telephone booth, Buy the Best Souvenirs sign on store window, Groceries written on store window, Greyhound bus logo and Coca-Cola signs in the background, bicycle in the background; leader; Ready for an Oil Change? banner, Gulf gas station pumps, African American youths and families in parking lot, automobiles in the background and school buses in background; panning shot of African American women and girls in dresses with children in front of store and behind gas pumps, Souvenirs Post Cards and Milk Shake signs on windows; car wash exterior; car driving toward camera with American flag, Mississippi state flag, and Delta Center School flag, young African American men sitting on hood of car; shots of teenage girls with younger school girls dancing and performing at event; quick shot of automobile on side of the road with African American man and teenage girl near building with Charles Cowan sign and 7Up sign; continued footage of African American girls dancing with batons, white man watching from on top of an automobile, panning shot of large group of African Americans in attendance in parking lot event, automobiles; bird's eye view of same event, marching band playing for dancers; leader; damaged film, scenes of African Americans in front of Thomas Grocery and Gulf Station, African American woman walking in front of three automobiles, automobile with the hood up, bus at gas station, African American woman walking with ice cream cone, buses in the background, African Americans lined up in front of truck, African American people loaded on buses, Z. Bell written on side of bus; airplane, Braniff International Airways on plane, white men and women next to plane; plane taxiing, plane descending onto landing strip, plane taxiing, Delta written on plane, white men and women exiting plane; shots of African American boys and teenagers on the back of truck with drinks, African American man standing in front of back of truck, African American man stepping out of driver's seat of truck; white woman in front of store wearing an apron talking to white boy with bicycle, Milk Shake on store window; people in telephone booth; buses in front of store and gas station; dark footage under shelter but outdoors; white boy taking picture of person with movie camera; quick shots of white man, woman, and child outdoors; automobile driving off; scenes in front of Gulf Station, African Americans in trucks and buses; white people filling automobile at station; automobiles driving down road away from camera; panning shoot of school bus and trucks in parking lot; African American girl walking toward camera; African American family in car; trucks driving off from station, quick shots of people in front of store and in parking lot; camera panning up to view the sky and clouds; African American man standing in front of store; dark footage of two young white boys, one dressed in a suit, standing outside of church building, automobile; bright footage of two young boys, church building and automobile; two boys playing on merry-go-round; boys sitting in driver's and passenger's seat of parked automobile; church building, automobile, man and woman at their automobile, boys getting out of automobile; leader; scenes from school dance, boys and girls of different ages dancing together, children eating donuts and drinking from glass bottles of Coca-Cola, boys pretending to play guitar with brooms, boy dancing by himself in front of fake band; boy and girl dressed nicely posing in front of Christmas tree; shots of store customers, African American teenage boys at store, older white woman with apron behind cash register, shots of numerous white women at store, African American boy in store, panning shot of white and black costumers, Christmas tree in background, shots of African Americans in store, Greyhound and Radio Flyer wagons on display, white man standing by Christmas tree in store, African American men together eating and drinking in store, Firestone Batteries sign, African American teenage boys, older white man, young African American girls dressed for Christmas, BiB box, Pet Milk box, older white man at cash register, older white woman at cash register hiding face from camera, African American man and white woman with apron laughing together, African American woman looking into camera, grocery items on shelves, Memphis Brooms, older white woman shopping and waving to camera, African American couple posing for camera; scenes from Christmas morning, boy with microscope, boxes from gifts, wrapped presents, Christmas tree, wrapping paper

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Amateur films; Families; Children's plays; House construction; Christmas -- Mississippi

Relational Format

video recording



Original Format

16mm (photographic film size)

Original Collection

Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries.


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Double-perf mixed B+W reversal, color reversal and color print. A-wind. Mixed Ansco and Kodak stocks, including Kodak PXR and Kodachrome. 1956, 57, and 96 Kodak date codes. Perforation damage. Many splices had to be remade. Emulsion crazing in Ansco section. Existing leader separates sections. 18 FPS.

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Shot List

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