Honors Theses

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Undergraduate Thesis


Modern Languages

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Henrietta Yang

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Jianshangdejiaoyaba (肩上的脚丫吧), also known as Yaba (丫吧), is a forum on the Chinese website Baidu Tieba (百度贴吧) containing stories and questions from users that focus on homosexual experience and identity in China. The members of the forum communicate using Linyu (淋语), a form of Chinese Internet Language (CIL). This thesis seeks to understand why and how Yaba (丫吧) users use the word ji (鸡: chicken) and female kinship terms, two prominent features of Linyu (淋语). The research uses methodologies in virtual ethnography to conceptualize Yaba (丫吧) as a research site. To better understand the research site and the experience of the research subjects, information on the Chinese homosexual experience is provided. In addition, Linyu (淋语) is placed within the greater context of CIL. Posts from the forum are analyzed to understand why users are using ji (鸡) and female kinship terms. The research revealed that users use these expressions to shorten social distance and construct a group homosexual identity on Yaba (丫吧).



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