Honors Theses

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Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Management Information Systems

First Advisor

Jack McClurg

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This thesis will serve to document the first year of GradYear, from ideation through product delivery. GradYear is a Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) Senior Capstone Project; the GradYear team is comprised of five students with academic disciplines ranging across business, accountancy, and engineering. The goal of the team was to design and manufacture a high-quality, classic wooden picture frame for college or university graduates that highlights their graduating class year. Under the direction of Dr. Jack McClurg, Dr. Matthew O’Keefe and factory floor technician Mr. James McPhail, the team designed the GradYear Classic using principles of DFMA and implementing principles of lean manufacturing during production. The author also created a supplementary GradYear Order Management System, applying what she learned from her Management Information Systems and Computer Science coursework. This thesis will give an in-depth introduction to GradYear and will analyze how the GradYear Classic was designed and manufactured. It will provide a risk analysis, marketing plan, and financial report, each written under the assumption of full production. It will discuss how the GradYear Order Management System was built and include a brief software and technical specification overview of the system. Finally, the author will provide an analysis of the project and give recommendations for the future of GradYear.



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