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Undergraduate Thesis


Civil Engineering

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Hakan Yasarer

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Shrinkage Limit is the moisture content parameter in fine grained soil which is related to the volume stability of the soil. The conventional method, ASTM Standard D427-04 that uses mercury has been replaced by wax method, ASTM Standard D4943-02 that uses wax and water or MT-92 that uses spray coating. This modification has certainly minimized safety concerns of the laboratory technicians by avoiding the use of the health hazardous substance, mercury (Hg) but it is not really an economic and convenient method. This thesis proposes a 3D scanning method of determining the shrinkage limit of fine grained soils. The 3D scanning method involves the use of a calibrated 3D scanner to obtain the 3D model of soil samples and the CREO or the SOLIDWORKS software to determine the volume of the 3D model. The experimental and the statistical results demonstrate that values for Shrinkage Limit of soils calculated by Spray Coating Method and 3D Scanning Method can be thoroughly correlated.



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