Honors Theses

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Undergraduate Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

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Jack McClurg

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This thesis covers aspects related to the design and manufacturing of high-powered composite competition rockets. Research related to the project was performed over the course of three years of participation on the University of Mississippi Rocket Rebels competition team. Areas of the project covered include project definition, rocket design, and rocket manufacturing. Project definition covers how to build a team, select a competition, and establish communication, among others. The rocket design portion discusses the work that goes into meeting competition performance requirements, and includes simulations from the 2018-19 Rocket Rebels rocket. The rocket manufacturing portion includes a summary of manufacturing performed by the Rocket Rebels, as well as discussion of the methods used. Finally, a proposal to restructure the rocket is presented in chapter 5. While there were many successful operations and achievements for the 2018-19 project, it ultimately did not lead to being able to compete in the selected competition. This is explained in the rocket proposal. Along with discussion of this throughout the thesis, successful test launches are also described, along with the various successes of the present year’s team.



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