Honors Theses

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Spring 5-9-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Tejas Pandya

Second Advisor

Damian Stoddard

Third Advisor

Farhad Farzbod

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The purpose of this study was to examine the dynamic response of three different grades of garolites under the temperature spectrum. High-Temperature G-11 Sheet (HTG), Impact Resistance Garolite E-glass (HIG), and Economical Garolite (EG) were tested using an Instron Dynatup 8250 impact tester. Three specimens were used for all three composites and were tested at 6 different temperatures, -10oC, 25oC, 50oC, 100oC, 150oC and 200oC using the Low-Velocity Impact Machine with 20 Kip punch shear load cell. The results showed that HIG had the highest resistance to punch shear impact. It resisted the highest amount of impact followed by HTG and EG at every temperature tested. The total energy absorbed by HIG was roughly 12 times EG and roughly thrice as much as HTG. The damage propagation energy of HIG was roughly 14 and 3 times than of EG and HTG. Over the temperature spectrum, it was observed that the energy absorption of HIG until peak load was around 11 times and 4 times the energy absorption of EG and HTG respectively. The max impact load for HIG was respectively around 5 times and twice as EG and HTG respectively. Similarly, the max impact absorbed by each Garolite decreased with the increase in temperature. Also, the failure zone decreased with the increase in temperature.

EG-50C-Sample-20-20Kip (Better Video).AVI (8087 kB)
Economical Garolite at 50oC tested using LVI

HIG-50C-Sample-21-20Kip (Better Video).AVI (8087 kB)
High Impact Garolite at 50oC tested using LVI

HTG-50C-Sample-18-20Kip (Great Video).AVI (8087 kB)
High Temperature Garolite at 50oC tested using LVI

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