Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Alan Arrivee

Second Advisor

Sarah Hennigan

Third Advisor

Timothy Yenter

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This thesis explores the process of writing, shooting, and editing my short film You Were There. My process involved scriptwriting with several revisions, shooting with a cast and crew, and editing the raw footage. This paper will not only serve as a timeline leading up to the final product of the film but also will explain the function of each artistic choice. This paper will also outline the biggest lessons I learned about fictional narratives, and discuss the successes and failures of the film as a whole. I also plan on discussing how those lessons will further my academic and artistic pursuits.

You Were There (Original).pdf (30 kB)
The original script prior to revisions

You Were There (Revision 1).pdf (32 kB)
The script after one revision; some test shooting involved

You Were There- Linear.pdf (26 kB)
Third revision of script: filmed with crew and actors

You Were There (Final).pdf (34 kB)
The final thesis product; interrogations scene.

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