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Spring 5-9-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Erin Drew

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Robert Magee

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Ivo Kamps

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This thesis analyzes the perceptions of the English Major in order to come up with suggestions for the Univeristy of Mississippi English Department with the purpose of increasing enrollment in the English Program. The last decade has seen a large decrease in the number of English Majors throughout the country, and this decrease has been reflected in the University of Mississippi. This thesis looks at recent opinions of the English Major in society, including popular criticisms of the major and responces from the English community. It was found that the two main criticisms of the English Major are that graduates with English degrees do not make a satisfying amount of money, and that the program strayed from its original subject maner too much, including topics such as gender studies in accepted courses. Then, the opinions of students of the Univeristy of Mississippi are analyzed through surveys and interivews. Some insights found from this research include student’s desire for community, and that they found personal interest to the the most important factor when picking a major. Based on previous findings, ideas for change within the department as well as marketing and outreach strategies are presented with the hope of making the English Major a more attractive option for potential students. Both primary and secondary research are utilized in this thesis in order to find insights on what the English Department can improve.

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