Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-9-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Melissa Cinelli

Second Advisor

Clay Dibrell

Third Advisor

Dwight Frink

Relational Format



This thesis proposes that an online student-to-student academic social networking platform designed to enhance academic achievement and student satisfaction would be feasible and profitable. Ample evidence exists that student-to-student interaction in university courses increases academic achievement and student satisfaction. Student-to-student interaction is difficult to achieve in large classes common at universities. DaisNotes is a startup company developed to deliver this academic social networking experience.

Part I of this thesis will discuss the results of original empirical research into student attitudes on current studying methods and connection interfaces to explore the problems college students face academically. The marketing research study tests several crucial assumptions made in the business model about problems our target market has with current connection interfaces. These assumptions are paramount to show that there is a need for a solution in DaisNotes.

Part II of this thesis describes the business plan for Dais Social Group LLC DBA DaisNotes to execute a successful startup company consistent with the research described in Part I. The business plan covers marketing, operational, and financial strategies in reaching the objectives of the DaisNotes firm. DaisNotes is an EdTech company that connects college students together through their courses to help them study and organize social events. The platform is available on a mobile application and a website. Although there are some similar companies within the EdTech industry that have feature overlap, DaisNotes currently has no direct competitors as it will seek to develop a niche market within educational technology. This thesis and business plan will address the minutiae of successfully executing DaisNotes to become a profitable company with a long-term competitive advantage.



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