Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis


Women and Gender Studies

First Advisor

Theresa Starkey

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The purpose of this thesis is to present the contextualization of the hijab in the Quran, present the experiences of some Muslim women who wear the hijab, and analyze them through the frameworks of choice feminism and standpoint theory. This thesis consists of two main parts: the documentary and the thesis reflective writing. The writing portion is broken down into two parts: contextualization of the hijab and documentary analysis. The documentary is mostly made up of the responses from the three interviews that were conducted virtually through Zoom. The documentary analysis portion then analyzes the experiences of the three women, Alia Alshammari, Nadeen AlOstaz, and Yasmeen Sedeek, in relation to statistics and literature. The results I found were that, Muslim women who wear the hijab are following the commands of their religion and should have the freedom of choice to dress the way they want based on their choice of faith. Moreover, due to their choice, there is a high potential for them to experience forms of discrimination and various stereotypes. Finally, stereotypes and inaccuracies arise partly due to the low level of knowledge on the subject of the hijab in the Western society which, in turn, can lead to negative effects on the Muhajabat􏰀s li􏰁es.

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