Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Business Administration

First Advisor

Bonnie Van Ness

Second Advisor

Lin Ge

Third Advisor

Mark Walker

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This thesis focuses on the company, Netflix, INC and the projected value of this company. This study provides valuable information regarding the projected value of Netflix, INC and future stock price predictions. I derived my findings through several procedures. The most important procedure in analyzing the future value of Netflix was the use of a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis. This analysis provided me with a projected value and share price for Netflix, INC in five years and again in ten years. The second method used to evaluate Netflix was the multiples valuation. This method provided information on whether or not Netflix is overvalued or undervalued. I also analyzed the industry in general and provided information regarding Netflix’s strengths and weaknesses. To summarize my findings, I believe that Netflix is, for the most part, on the overvalued spectrum. This is proven through my multiples valuation. This statement is supported by my DCF valuation as well. Netflix’s value and share price are projected to increase over the next five years, but then will face a down turn be year ten (2030). This will cause Netflix’s value to decline as well as its share price. In conclusion, I would recommend holding NFLX stocks until 2025, then selling to receive maximum prophetization. If you do not currently own Netflix stock, I would recommend buying now and also selling around 2025 to make a profit.

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