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Undergraduate Thesis


Nutrition and Hospitality Management

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Younghoon Kim

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The obesity rate among Americans has been growing at an alarming rate in recent years; because of this, there has been much inquiry into the possible causes, interventions, and prevention methods for this problem. One major trend that appears to have an impact on this obesity epidemic is the large proportion of meals eaten outside the home namely, at fast food or sit-down restaurants. This trend is especially prevalent among college students, whose lifestyle is generally marked by an abundance of stress coupled with a lack of time and money. Because of this lifestyle and a lack of food preparation knowledge college students, are much more likely to eat foods that are prepared away from the home and that are not as nutritious as foods prepared at home. Because nutrition education has been shown to be effective intervention strategy on college campuses, this project aimed to create something that, based on the research done far, would address these barriers in an educational way and encourage students to of their food from home. The result is a cookbook - a compilation of so prepare more recipes with a nutrition and food preparation education component. The recipes were designed specifically for a college lifestyle, namely using cheap ingredients, healthy substitutions, and that take little time to make. These characteristics will encourage students to make more of their meals rather than buying them, while giving them a basic nutrition education that many lack. The cookbook will be distributed to students at the University of Mississippi campus, and will hopefully prepare the way for healthier lifestyle habits as well as future research in this area.



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