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Spring 5-5-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis


Pharmacy Administration

First Advisor

Erin Holmes

Second Advisor

Meagen Rosenthal

Third Advisor

Marie Barnard

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Given that vitiligo affects a small percentage of the world population, and its affects are not widely known, there is an increasing need to learn of its effects on those with vitiligo, both physical and psychological. Social media has become an influential platform to spread awareness and build confidence in those with vitiligo. This study aims to find how vitiligo is portrayed through social media using content analysis procedures. This is a cross-sectional content analysis that utilized a codebook to analyze Instagram posts. The results were analyzed by interrater reliability and frequency for each coder. The findings of this content analysis show a wide range for interrater reliability based on objective and subjective categories. The variable frequencies showed that most of the posts were of younger white females with moderate amounts of clothing and varying degrees of strength of contrast over a small area and varying amount of body shown in the posts. Future research should employ alternative data collection methods, such as in-depth interviews, to understand study variables at a deeper level. Additionally, pharmacists should be aware and educated about mental illness and other comorbid conditions associated with vitiligo diagnoses.

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