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Spring 5-7-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Victoria Dickinson

Second Advisor

W. Mark Wilder

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Accountancy 420 provided many opportunities to gain knowledge involving the application of financial accounting in real-world practice. The class involved a series of case studies, an opportunity to participate in a case study competition, as well as the opportunity to hear from various professionals throughout the realm of public accounting.

The case studies covered many areas involving the preparation of entering the field of accounting. Many case studies were geared towards career preparation such as determining location preferences, such as the Tale of Two Cities case study, and also gaining knowledge through first-hand accounts of an accountant in the Interview case study. In addition, other case studies provided the opportunity to use prior knowledge of specific accounting concepts and apply them by making predictions and suggestions through cases such as Asset Valuation, Taxodus, and the Financial Crisis of 2008.

The case study competition allowed the class to research and determine suggestions and ideas involving a specific company’s areas of audit, tax, and advisory. Although the class had largely not completed specific education in these areas, this case study was extremely valuable in gaining knowledge of those accounting areas and its specific application to the current financial state of a real-world company.

In addition to these areas of study, Accountancy 420 involved many speakers, specifically in the public accounting field. Recruiters and other professionals spoke to the class and provided information regarding entering the recruiting process and preparing for a career in public accounting.

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Accounting Commons



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