Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 4-20-2022

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Integrated Marketing Communication

First Advisor

Chris Sparks

Second Advisor

Scott Fiene

Third Advisor

Mark Dolan

Relational Format



Generation Z entrepreneurs capitalize on the fast-paced environment of the marketing industry and adapt to changing customer needs and expectations to deliver the best product or service from their business. This thesis researches the current media trends and marketing approaches Gen Z entrepreneurs are using in their businesses and how access to entrepreneurial-focused programs make Generation Z the leading generation in entrepreneurship.

Inspired by the researcher’s own experience as an online clothing business owner, this thesis investigates how members of Gen Z are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs. A mixed methodology of primary and secondary research was deployed to explore consumer trends. Surveys were sent via social media platforms by the researcher and then analyzed to determine what type of business these entrepreneurs have started, what motivations and hesitations business owners have experienced, and what marketing and media approaches have shown most significant to their business. Advertising and discounts were also analyzed, as well as any market competition and challenges. Seven Generation Z entrepreneurs were recruited via social media and interviewed by the researcher, with all the interviewees a current or past student at the University of Mississippi. The interviews, conducted in Oxford, Mississippi, uncover the motivations and hesitations that are unique to each business owner. With the help of entrepreneurship-focused platforms, Gen Z entrepreneurs are understanding and integrating current technology and market trends to their business and are influencing the rapid growth of the entrepreneur market.



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