Honors Theses

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Spring 5-5-2022

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Jake Bennett

Second Advisor

Thomas Browder

Third Advisor

Breese Quinn

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Belle II, the first super B-Factory experiment, is designed to make precise measurements of weak interaction parameters and search for New Physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. The Standard Model of particle physics is a theory that classifies all known elementary particles and describes three of the four known fundamental forces in the universe. Physics beyond the Standard Model that addresses the theoretical developments needed to explain the deficiencies in the Standard Model is often referred to as New Physics. One of the assumptions of the Standard Model is that the couplings of particles that mediate the weak force (known as ‘W’ or ‘Z’ electroweak gauge bosons) to leptons are independent of lepton flavor. This thesis describes a study of the decay of B− → D0 τ− ντ in Belle II simulation. This decay is important to gather more information about the fundamental assumption of Lepton Flavor Universality. This thesis is organized as follows. The first sections include an introduction to the Standard Model and Lepton Universality, along with an introduction to the Belle II experiment. The following sections introduce the R(D(∗)) anomaly. The final sections explain the analysis technique and give the results of the study with Belle II simulations, along with a discussion of potential future work.

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