Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-8-2022

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Theater and Film

First Advisor

Sarah Hennigan

Second Advisor

Jaye Davidson

Third Advisor

Andy Harper

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Sweet Temptations tells the story of the Price family navigating their new lives in Cape Huron. Enticed by the opportunity of a new job with great benefits, the Price family moves to Cape Huron, Maine, a small town with mysterious goings-on. While father, Paul, starts work at the factory in town, twins Seth and Samantha start their senior year of high school. Everything in the town is perfect at surface level, the houses are all the same cookie-cutter design with the exception of the different color palettes and furniture styles. The perfect All-American façade comes crashing down when Seth and Samantha discover the grisly secret of the town. The oddly placed “pantries” in the houses are not for food. They are for human trophies meant to be kept in large jars. The townspeople are on an annual hunt for each other and only two families in the town are safe: The mayor’s family, and the family of their choice that they pardon from The Headcount. To become mayor, a family must have the most trophies in their “pantry.” The award of mayor is given out at the annual fall festival on October 13th. With such a high price to be paid for freedom, the Price family has to learn to kill or be killed.

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