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Undergraduate Thesis


Nutrition and Hospitality Management

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Melinda Valliant

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As health becomes a more primary focus for many Americans, people are turning to new diet choices. Vegetarian diets are available in a wide range of choices and have been found to provide many health benefits. However, adequate knowledge within the general public is lacking when it comes to vegetarian diets. The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge and perceptions held by college-aged students at the University of Mississippi. A survey was developed and distributed in health and wellness classes that were offered to students of all majors. 187 completed surveys were returned, of which 7 (3.7%) indicated they were vegetarian. The results showed very similar perceptions between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian groups. All perceptions were consistent with the hypothesis except for energy drinks/soda and alcohol consumption or drug use. No statistical significance was found, probably due to the extremely small number of vegetarian respondents in comparison to non-vegetarian respondents. Further research should include larger sample of vegetarians and involve other regions of the United States. 

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