Honors Theses

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Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Samir Husni

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This thesis explores the history and editorial design of the French and American publications within the ELLE Déco brand network. The ELLE Déco network of interior design magazines is the only truly global brand of the shelter category with 25 editions published in 28 countries. By studying corresponding issues of the original French edition, ELLE Decoration, and American, ELLE DECOR, I have determined the different personalities of each publication, as well as what elements are used in the cover and editorial design of each. In doing so, I uncovered what consistencies of both content and design have led to success for each publication to both survive and thrive in each of their markets. In studying and uncovering the patterns within the design and layout, I found how each magazine produces successful content that is both cohesive enough to fit under the same brand name, but tailored for the different audiences served.



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