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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Murrell Godfrey

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Synthetic cannabinoids, commonly found in Spice, have recently become a popular substitute for marijuana as they have similar effects to THC, the most powerful constituent of marijuana. Additionally, they are increasingly becoming a source of drug abuse as they cannot be detected with normal drug test screenings. This study specifically analyzed a total of twenty-three CB1 selective JWH compounds and their hydrophobic interactions with an active-state CB1 receptor model. The ligands were categorized per their structural similarities, and this study was aimed to find patterns within each structural moiety that would lead to the discovery of key structural features and/or protein residues of the CB1 receptor. The results of this study will be utilized to predict potential synthetic cannabinoids and to create a database of those structures to expedite the process of identifying them and recognizing their interactions with the CB1 receptor.

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Chemistry Commons



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