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Victoria Dickinson

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This thesis projects the profound amount of knowledge in accountancy found within real world scenarios called 'case studies.' Each of the twelve chapters in this thesis presents a different topic or problem for Rutledge Consulting Group, in which I, CEO, must use tools like the FASB Codification and financial planning, to help find solutions for our clients. The twelve cases include scenarios dealing with financial analysis for investments, proper allocation of revenues and expenses, internal controls and fraud prevention, inventory, capitalization of costs, employee benefits and retraining, common stock, compensation plans, unearned revenue recognition, deferred income taxes, and differing lease agreements. These twelve case studies went hand-in-hand with the material being taught in Intermediate Accounting I and II. Therefore, the cases can be seen as an extension of knowledge because one would learn the basic material that each accountancy student learns in Intermediate, and then with Dr. Dickinson's help, would be able to take their learnings from class and turn it into material substance with a real purpose, a solution.

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