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Undergraduate Thesis


Public Policy Leadership

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Mark Chen

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Healthcare Certificates of Need, often abbreviated as CON, are public policies implemented across America with many intentions but the primary purpose of engaging the healthcare marketplace in a way that allows for government regulation and monitoring. Over time, states have created their own types of certificate of need policies while others have abandoned these types of policies all together. Mississippi is a member of the former group that has crafted its own type of policies geared towards enabling Certificates of Need. As the healthcare marketplace shifts across America, this research delves into the certificate of need policies of states with healthcare outcomes like Mississippi's. but different in various policy aspects. Upon examination of these differences, this scholarship assesses Mississippi's specific policies and examines various case studies within the Magnolia State to determine whether or not these types of policies are appropriate for a state like Mississippi and, if not, what types of policies may be appropriate for changing the healthcare situation in various aspects. Supported by literature review, data analysis, case studies, and policy proposals, this scholarship aims to address healthcare Certificates of Need in Mississippi.



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