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Undergraduate Thesis



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Victoria Dickinson

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This paper investigates various strategic planning models and then applies the models to the strategic planning process for a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Several strategic models covered in this paper include Basic Strategic Planning Model, Issue-Based Strategic Planning Model, Kepner-Tregoe Matrix Model, and the Impact Analysis Model. Next, I discuss the roles of different functional areas within a REIT with respect to strategic planning. After fully analyzing these strategic models and the roles of various functional areas, I choose a REIT (AmREIT, Inc.) and perform a SWOT analysis to identify four issues facing this REIT. These four issues are diversification vs. focus issue, operational issue, capital structure issue, and risk management issue. I provide further analysis for each issue and incorporate the strategic models in the strategic planning process. Lastly, I develop the strategic solutions for each of the issues based on the analysis.

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