Industrial development can provide hope and opportunity for residents of a community. Whether advantageous or not, it brings about various community changes such as job opportunities, population growth, higher tax base and the need for more public utilities. It is questionable as to whether industrialization alleviates or causes social, economic and political problems. Furthermore, the previously mentioned changes may also affect a community/county when an industry leaves the area. Industrialization prompts a need for researchers to focus on the impact of industry within rural/urban counties, such as Charleston, Colleton, Edgefield, Greenville, Horry, Jasper, Richland, and York. In an effort to answer various queries concerning industrial development, researchers are asking (1) What happens when an industry leaves a community? and (2) What are the feelings of residents towards industries in their area? This research attempts to answer the aforementioned queries in a study of industrial development in selected areas of South Carolina.

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