This study was conducted to investigate the types of activities promoted by cooperative groups and the determinants of participation intensity of members in cooperative activities in southwestern Nigeria. A multistage sampling approach was used to select 326 cooperators (45 groups). Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, difference of means test, and Tobit regression.Cooperative groups engaged in farm and off-farm activities such as arable crop production, fish farming, agricultural products processing, and produce marketing, among others. Farm input procurements and access to market information (74 percent), cooperative credits and thrift (53 percent), social networking (37 percent), multipurpose commercial activities (21.6 percent), and political influence (17 percent) were given as reasons for interest and participation in groups' activities. Income realized by cooperators was significantly and consistently higher than income of non-cooperators who engaged in the same economic activity. Participation intensity was influenced by gender, farm size cultivated, and the social status of members.

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