This descriptive study investigates the work and health conditions of Marshallese poultry-plant workers in Northwest Arkansas, a global center of the poultry industry. Poultry processing is very dangerous work including numerous human rights and ethical concerns. Processing work has historically been carried out by marginalized workers, such as women, minorities, and immigrants. The Marshallese, one of the Pacific Islander groups, are the latest wave of migrants sourced as processing workers. A survey was conducted with a site-based, convenience sample of current and former Marshallese poultry-plant workers. The final analysis was based on a total of 198 questionnaires. The study showed that Marshallese poultry workers experienced significant safety and health risks at work. It revealed similarities and differences between the Marshallese and previous worker groups. Although their special visa status makes them very attractive workers, their language barriers and health disparities created challenges for the Marshallese workers and the poultry industry.

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